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Generic name: Trazodone
Brand name: Desyrel, Deprax, Trialodine, Trittico, Molipaxin, Trazorel, Thombran.

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Desyrel is an anti depressed agent which is a derivation of tyazolopiridine. This remedy renders a timoleptic (anti depressing), anxiolytic, sedative and muscular relaxing actions. This medication possesses by the highest affinity with some subtypes of serotonin receptors; it oppresses the reverse capture of the matter serotonin. It influences a little on the neuronal capture of the dopamine and noradrenalin. This medication doesn’t render any anticholinergic effects, doesn’t inhibit the MAO, and doesn’t change the body weight and so on. The main active substance is Trazodone. This matter helps in removing such psychical (affective tension, irritation, fever, insomnia) as somatic manifestations of uneasiness (palpitation, headache, myalgia, quickened urination, intensified sweat secretion and others). The most widespread dosages are Desyrel 50mg 100 pills. These medicines are generally applied under the different forms of depressions (endogenous, psychotic, neurotic, somatogenic) including those conditions which have the expressed uneasiness having as minimum as four from such reasons: sleeping damages, appetite loss, psychomotor agitation or sluggishness, lowering of interest to surrounding world, bringing down of sexual activity, feeling of guilt, undue fatiguability, sluggish mentality, lowering of capability to attention concentration, suicidal efforts/ideas, bulimia, kleptomania, anxiety, some phobias and so on. In this case you can order and buy Desyrel online in any time you need.

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