Feminized Black Jack Seeds (10 seeds)

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Buy 100% feminized Black Jack seeds from Dutch Seeds Shop. It is produced from the cross between Black Domino , which was a replica of a marijuana strain that was brought to the Netherlands from Seattle in the United States. The other strain in its creation is Dutch Seeds Shop personally selected Jock Horror. Black Jack weed grows into hard buds with big , oval-shaped calyxes that are covered with THC! The smoke that it produces is heavy and pungent , and creates a delightful long-lasting high. Black Jack strain has an application in medicine as pain reliever which makes it even more desirable for the ordinary customer.



400 / 500 (g/m²)

Average height

Average (65 – 75 days)


THC Level


In and outdoor


Black Jack Strain

A smoke you will never forget! Black Jack Seeds are a hybrid combination of Black Domino and Jock Horror | both known for their flavor and smoke. The Black Domino strain is a duplicate of a Cannabis strain that was originally sent to Netherlands from the state of Seattle | United States.
Buy these 100% feminized Blackjack weed seeds that are offered at comparatively reasonable rates only at Dutch Seeds Shop. These Marijuana Black Jack seeds | under the right climatic conditions | grow into thick buds with oval and big calyxes | covered completely with THC. The smoke produced from this weed is heavy with a pungent taste which gives you a High for a really long lasting time.

Black Jack Weed Flavour Smoke

Apart from its flavour and smoke | Jack marijuana also has special medicinal qualities which make it very important | compared to the other strains. The Black marijuana acts as a natural pain reliever | a basic reason why many customers suffering from physical pain | choose to buy these seeds.

The plant gains an average height and flowers in a span of 65 to 75 days and needs a regular Mediterranean climatefor its growth. However | the most attractive feature of the plant is that you can cultivate it both | indoors and outdoors | based on your space.


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