Ketalar (Ketamine HCL) 100mg/ml injection

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Ketalar (Ketamine HCL) 100mg/ml vials/injections:

Ketalar (Ketamine HCL) used before surgery or a medical or dental procedure to produce loss of consciousness. May be used on its own or with another medicine. This medicine is a type of anesthetic

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    Gave me the wrong flavour, tub was damaged and the sealing on the tub was pierced, really disappointed

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    Great customer service. I called them to get recommended products which they did and shipping was very quick!

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    Very reliable

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    Very pleased with the products and services and someone nice to speak to you on the phone

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    Fast deliver and good service!

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    Customer Service is great! Delivery is always fast

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    My order got initially declined despite payment being taken. But after an email to the contact address, this was rectified the same day and dispatched immediately. So despite the glitch, a very good service.

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    one of the best websites i have used and will continue to

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